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Community Colleges with Foundational Architecture Programs

This page lists of community colleges around the state of Texas that offer foundational architecture programs consisting of the first one to two years of architectural coursework.

Community Colleges with Foundational Architecture Programs

This page lists of community colleges around the state of Texas that offer foundational architecture programs consisting of the first one to two years of architectural coursework.

This is not an exhaustive list, so if your local community college is not on this list, contact them to see if they offer such a program. If you are planning to start at a community college and then continue at a school of architecture, be sure to contact the university you wish to attend to confirm your coursework will be transferable. 

Many community colleges also contain additional related programs in drafting and construction that provide necessary technical skills applicable to the building industry, which also feed directly into the workforce. Visit the website or contact the school for more information.

Amarillo College | Amarillo

Program Description

The Drafting program at Amarillo College utilizes the most up-to-date industry-related software — Autocad, Microstation, Inventor, Chief Architect, etc. — to equip students with all the drafting, architectural, and mechanical know-how that leads to career success.

Julie Sutton 
Instructor/Program Coordinator
Drafting Program
806 345 5642

Angelina College | Lufkin

Program Description

Drafting and Design Technology

Dallas McClelland
Drafting and Design Instructor
936 633 5251

Austin Community College

Program Description

Austin Community College offers architecture courses through the Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design department.  These courses are those that would be taken as part of a first-year architecture school curriculum including foundational courses in design, graphics, and architectural history.

Erlene Clark 
Professor & Architectural Coordinator
Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design 
512 223 4841

Blinn College | Bryan

Program Description

Blinn College’s Architecture department, which is in the Visual/Performing Arts and Kinesiology division, has offered classes since 2009. This program provides a variety of the architecture studios and lecture courses ranging from construction to architectural history. The courses taught are the same as those offered in the first-year curriculum at a four-year institution.

Craig Jeffrey
Assistant Academic Dean
Visual/Performing Arts and Kinesiology
979 209 8601

Central Texas College | Killeen

Program Description

The Computer-Aided Drafting and Design department at Central Texas College can help you enter into the field of drafting and design by providing you a flexible, competency-based program of study. Emphasis is on developing the student’s critical thinking process, work skills, drafting procedures, and techniques, and three-dimensional perception and thinking. 

Debra Prescott 
Department Chair
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
800 792 3348

Dallas College (El Centro Campus) | Dallas College Architecture Program

Program Description

The Dallas College Architecture program is an opportunity for students to get exposure to the wide variety of skills that architects must master, through a curriculum of transferable college-level courses. The Architecture program specializes in architectural history, aesthetics, elements of design, hand-sketching techniques, computer graphics, and structural concepts, and the courses are transferable into any public university architecture program in the state of Texas.

Douglas R. Vail, AIA 
Program Coordinator/Faculty
El Centro Campus
214 860 2713

Del Mar College | Corpus Christi

Program Description

Del Mar College offers a wide variety of Architecture and Construction programs, including a two-year, transferable Associate in Science in Architecture degree. The technical content of these programs is intended to supply a wide background in the diverse areas of applied architecture and construction, including computer-aided drafting. 

Laura Nichole Wright, AIA 
Chair of Architecture, Aviation, and Automotive
Associate Professor of Architecture/Drafting Technology
361 698 1725

Grayson College | Denison

Program Description

The Computer Aided Drafting and Design program at Grayson College prepares students for jobs in architectural, mechanical, electromechanical, and industrial drafting. Students who enroll in the program learn basic drafting techniques, 2D drawing, solid modeling, 3D parametric modeling, and 3D printing. Over 95% of program graduates secure a job in the drafting field or continue their education at a four-year institution, pursuing degrees in architecture, engineering, or construction management.

Debra Boren
CADD Technology
903 463 8741

Lamar State College-Port Arthur | Port Arthur

Program Description

The Drafting Program at Lamar State College-Port Arthur is part of the department of Business & Industrial Technology. The students receive a well-rounded education to prepare them for any field of drafting: mechanical, pipe, architectural, structural, & civil. 

Sheila Guillot
Business and Industrial Technology
409 984 6418

Laredo College | Laredo, TX

Program Description

Computer Aided Drafting Design Technology

Sergio Lujan
956 721 5317

Lee College | Baytown

Program Description

In the Creative Arts program at Lee College, students gain an understanding of the fine and creative arts through foundation studies, history, critical analysis, and performance/exhibition. Learning opportunities include courses in architecture, as well as: theater/theatrical performance, choir, piano, instrumental ensemble, orchestra, ceramics/sculpture, drawing/painting, and photography/digital imaging.

Paul Lucke
Art/Architecture Faculty
281 425 6465

San Antonio College | San Antonio

Program Description

Established in 1958, the Architecture Program at San Antonio College has provided the first two years of professional education for generations of Texas architects, interior design and construction management professionals. San Antonio College offers the full range of courses that are normally required for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in architecture. The majority of these courses are transferable to most universities throughout Texas as well as other states.

Dwayne Bohuslav
Architecture Program Coordinator
210 486 0079

South Texas College

Program Description

This program is designed to provide a pathway to the fields of architectural, visual, and civil engineering technologies. Students take basic courses that introduce them to a wide range of disciplines in the design-build community. In addition, students are introduced to architecture through several academic courses and provided an opportunity to transfer credit to a four-year institution. The program offers specialization in Architectural & Engineering Design Technology, Architectural & Visual Technology, and Architectural & Civil Engineering Technology.

Sara Lozano
Program Chair/Assistant Professor 
Architectural & Engineering Design Technology 
956 872 6180

Temple College | Temple

Program Description

The Computer-Aided Design program teaches students entry-level design skills in five areas: manufacturing, electronics, architecture, civil engineering, and geographic information systems. The certificate program trains experienced and aspiring professionals in various engineering fields to use CAD® software to produce designs, drawings, illustrations, and presentations.

Kristen Griffith
Director of Dual Credit
254 298 8621

Trinity Valley Community College | Athens

Program Description

The program at Trinity Valley Community College takes a multi-discipline approach to Drafting education. We are a rural college and thus cannot specialize in one field. We offer courses covering various topics such as general drafting, architectural, mechanical, electrical, piping, structural, topographical, manufacturing, and technical animation. We prepare drafters for entry-level employment in our service area and beyond.

Donald Fulford
CTE Division Director/Drafting Instructor
903 675 6341