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Honor Awards

Recognizing exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for outstanding achievements in support of TxA’s mission.

Honor Awards

Recognizing exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for outstanding achievements in support of TxA’s mission.

Program Overview

The Texas Society of Architects conducts an annual Honor Awards program recognizing exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture, the built environment, and quality of life in Texas. 

2022 Honor Awards

The 2022 Honor Awards Call for Nominations closed on June 16.

Honor Award Categories
  • Medal for Lifetime Achievement
  • Architecture Firm Award
  • Award for Community Service 
  • Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions 
  • Award for Equitable Practice in Architecture
  • Award for Early Career Professional Achievement
  • Associate Member of the Year
  • Mentorship Award
  • Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture through the Media
  • Citation of Honor
  • Artisan Award
  • Honorary Membership
  • 25-Year Award
  • Architectural Landmark Award

New in 2022

The Award for Young Professional Achievement has been renamed the Award for Early Career Professional Achievement. There are many pathways into the profession of architecture, and this change in name is intended to better describe that the criteria is not a function of age but of a person’s stage in their career.

Eligibility for the Early Career Achievement award has been changed. Previously, only architects who had been licensed fewer than 10 years were eligible. Now, the award is open to individuals who have been licensed fewer than 120 months, and the months need not be consecutive. This adjustment reflects a recognition that many in our profession take time away from practice during the initial stage of their career for differing reasons, including to bear and raise children. The change allows the Society to recognize individuals who may be more than 10 years out of architecture school, but who have been in practice fewer than 10 years.

Instructors at community colleges are now eligible for the Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions. Since the educator award was initiated, the landscape of architectural education in Texas has shifted. Now a number of community colleges offer programs designed to provide transferrable, foundation-level architecture education. These colleges are generally much more affordable and often serve students who are historically underrepresented in traditional schools of architecture. Allowing architects who teach in these programs to be eligible for the award is intended as a validation by the profession of the importance of architecture education that reaches underserved communities.

Description and criteria for the Citation of Honor have been broadened. Activities supporting the creation of equitable environments have been added to the list of valued contributions the Society wishes to recognize with this award. Similarly, the abstract term “environments” has been expanded to include “communities.” Both changes are intended to broaden the potential nominee pool to include honorees who have a community impact.

Submittal requirements for the Citation of Honor have been reduced. The call is less strict about the content of the required biography; exhibits are now optional; and letters of support are no longer required, but up to three will be accepted. There has also been a change to allow nominations not only from local components, but also from members, with a letter of support from their local component. The purpose of these changes is to make the Citation of Honor more inclusive and accessible to individuals and organizations that qualify.

Sample Nominations

For a list of submission requirements and criteria for selection for our awards, see the most recent Call for Nominations.

2021 Honor Awards

The 2021 Honor Awards were announced on August 12. Recipients were recognized at TxA’s 82nd Annual Conference and Design Expo in San Antonio.

See the list of honorees.

Past Honor Award Recipients

Download a list of all past Honor Award recipients.