About Us

The Texas Society of Architects is a state component of the American Institute of Architects. Founded in 1939, we are one of the nation’s largest organizations for the architectural profession, with 18 regional components and 7,200 members. Texas Architects is headquartered in Austin.

Mission Statement

The Texas Society of Architects/AIA is the voice for Texas architecture, supporting the creation of safe, beautiful, sustainable environments.


The roots of the Society date back to the 1880s organization known as the Texas State Association of Architects. In 1939, 47 architects paid charter dues and elected the Society’s first officers, officially forming the organization as it exists today. In 1951, the Society received its charter as a component of the American Institute of Architects.

Organization Structure

TxA is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of officers, elected at-large by the membership, and chapter directors, elected by their respective chapters. Additional members of the board are the public member director, an educator member director, an associate member director, the AIA regional associate director, and the Texas representatives to the AIA Board of Directors — all elected by the membership at large.

There are currently over 7,200 members in Texas Society of Architects, with the following classifications of membership:

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