The Shape of Texas

The Shape of Texas is a radio program that was produced by the Society from 1998 to 2011. Broadcast on NPR affiliates across the state, episodes provide vivid descriptions of contemporary and historical architecture and descriptions of the places that define Texas culture and heritage. The program produced more than 500 two-minute episodes, searchable through our online archive.

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Online Archive

The online archive includes mp3 audio of Volumes 1 thru 518 and accompanying photographs for selected episodes. Use the search tool to locate episodes to listen to, or use the Episode Index for a complete listing of all The Shape of Texas tracks.


The Best of The Shape of Texas Podcasts combine a number of episodes into one file with a focus on a specific topic or geographical area. The files are in .mp3 format allowing them to be played on your computer, iPod, or similar media device.

Listen on the Radio

After more than 500 installments, the production of new The Shape of Texas episodes has come to an end. The following radio stations may be continuing to broadcast previous chapters of the program. You can review our entire online archive at the Episode Index.

Production Team

Creator/Executive Producer:

  • Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA

Executive Producer:

  • Don Dunlap


  • Lauraine Miller, Hon. TSA

Radio Producer/Narrator:

  • Mark Malinowski, Vol. 1
  • Bill Clough, Vol. 2 - 18

Recording Facility:

  • South Texas Public Broadcasting System, Inc.

Special thanks to the following organizations for providing statewide underwriting:

  • Texas Highways Magazine
  • American Architectural Foundation
  • American Institute of Architects
  • College of Fellows, American Institute of Architects
  • Best Western, Inc.
  • Acme Brick


  • Joel Barna, Hon. TSA
  • Bill Clough
  • Lawrence Connolly, AIA
  • Bob Cotton, AIA
  • Stephen Fox
  • Kathryn Jones
  • Shannon Krause, AIA
  • Darwin Harrison, Assoc. AIA
  • Karen Hastings
  • Vivienne Heines
  • David House
  • Ernesto Maldonado, AIA
  • Randy Mallory
  • Jason Marton
  • Lauraine Miller, Hon. TSA
  • Patricia Caperton Parent
  • Jeff Potter, AIA
  • Anne Reeks
  • David R. Richter, FAIA
  • Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA
  • Stephen Sharpe
  • Ed Soltero, AIA
  • Bryce Weigand, FAIA
  • Janis Williams


2004 Presidential Citation

Presented by the Association for Preservation Technology International
Presented to Texas Society of Architects for developing public awareness of the state's historic resources through publication in Texas Architect and the award-winning radio program The Shape of Texas.

2003 AIA Component Excellence Award

Presented by the American Institute of Architects,
Texas Society of Architects received the 2003 AIA, Component Excellence Award for outstanding single public affairs initiative for its use of The Shape of Texas radio program to enhance the public's awareness of the role the built environment plays in shaping the heritage of Texas.