Designed to Connect: A Series on New Media

Andrew Hawkins, AIA

New Media Committee

From productivity to documentation to marketing, the Designed to Connect series will cover various tools available to architects. Technology can aid an architect in many of their endeavors. It should not be viewed as an adversary. It should be integrated into everyday practice. The series strives to provide insight into “new media” from an architect’s perspective.

Connect: (verb) to join, link, or fasten together: unite or bind.

This is the possibility that new digital media presents for architects and the AEC profession. New digital technologies provide us with opportunities to connect others to our message. New technologies make it easier to connect ourselves within the profession. But these technologies also enable new connections with those outside the profession. They create an opportunity to increase our visibility and convey our value to those outside the profession. These are the connections that can make our profession stronger. The ability to interconnect all of these pieces into a cohesive network is something that we, as architects, do on a daily basis. Architects can flourish in the midst of these new technologies; creating new ideas and new ways to appropriate them.

Monday, Feb. 27
Designed to Connect: Architects as Apps Developers
Gordon B. Arnold, AIA