Michael Malone, AIA, on Reasons to Attend the TxA Prosperity Conference

Michael Malone

Why attend the Texas Prosperity Conference? To spend an exciting weekend with colleagues learning about growth strategies for small firms, achieving final success, risk management, and the current economic conditions in Texas. But don’t just take our word for it. Michael Malone, AIA, TxA's immediate past-president, founding principal at Maxwell Malone Borson Architects, and one of the brains behind the new conference, gives us his take:

It has been observed that as professionals, architects are often ill equipped to address and deal with the realities of architecture as a business. The very things that draw us to the profession sometimes engage our focus and efforts to the detriment of maintaining a sustainable business. A number of firms, including many with award-winning portfolios and high-profile clients, have found a path to prosperity and profit that allows them to work at a higher level and reward themselves and their staff accordingly.

The goal of the Texas Prosperity Conference is to present best practices and ways to avoid issues that plague many firms, challenging our fundamental abilities to provide professional services. We aim to empower a firm owner, or the emerging practitioner who has the goal of starting a firm, with an understanding of the tools and support structures that need to be in place to practice in a manner that leads to earning a competitive wage (providing for benefits like insurance and retirement)and protecting the organization from common pitfalls. A diverse collection of architects will discuss how they successfully manage their firms and operate as viable businesses, with the goal of sharing their successes with other practitioners and emerging professionals.

See the full ProCon 2016 schedule and registration details here.