Streamlining the Path to Licensure

Each year, the leaders of the Texas Society of Architects (president, president-elect, EVP, and AIA board representatives) meet with colleagues from other AIA “large states.” This group includes California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan.

At the 2012 meeting, the licensure process for architectural registration was a primary topic. Out of that discussion, Texas leaders agreed to convene a committee to examine the licensure process and bring recommendations back to the Large States Roundtable in 2013. 

The Path to Architectural Licensure is the result of that effort. This document reviews changes in the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and Intern Development Program (IDP) over time and includes a summary of proposed changes to the process of licensure.

The back page of the document provides a list of AIA members and CACE members who participated in the committee meetings that were convened by Texas Architects President Larry Speck, FAIA. The committee is comprised of Texas members who represented differing decades of registration, and also by participants from Illinois, New York, California, and Florida. 

The participating states were to take the paper to their own leadership groups and see if those groups would like to endorse the recommendations. That process is currently underway. Ultimately, the paper with any endorsements will be forwarded to NCARB and a request for their response.  

The Path to Architectural Licensure

Presented at the AIA Large States Roundtable, New York, 2013.